Thursday, June 19, 2008


You're arrived at the Bison Nation blog. It began at the suggestion of a group of OBU Alumni who were connected through the online professional networking site called LinkedIn. We'll tell a few stories about graduates of Oklahoma Baptist University who have lived interesing lives. We'll talk about life through the lens of OBU then and now. And we'll find a way to laugh at ourselves along the way.

If you choose to add comments to blog posts, here's some friendly advice...

1. Don't take yourself too seriously.
2. Speak up - comment copiously.
3. Respect the liberty of others to express a contrary opinion.

I would expect us to be able to add something new to this blog about once a month. If you know of an OBU Alum with an interesting life story, send me their name! Better yet, interview that person, write it up and send it to me - I'll post it here. Do you wax eloquent? Do you have the answer to the world's problems? Can you put it in writing? Send it to me!

And speaking of expectations (nice segue, huh? Joe Hall's efforts were not completely in vain!)...

Take the "Expectations Survey" at the bottom of this page. Don't worry, it's anonymous!

Jon Williams - '85


Benjie said...

Great idea, Jon. Looking forward to what will happen here.

Guy Rittger said...

Jon - Thanks for taking the initiative to set this up. Of all my many alma maters, OBU has probably been the most neglected, save for steady contact with a key faculty member and two friends from '85 and '86. Indeed, up until last weekend I had not set foot in Oklahoma since 1985, when I loaded up the U-Haul, put the ex-wife and pitbull in the front seat, and headed back to California, diploma stashed in my back pocket or somewhere.

Todd said...

Great job. Looking forward to reading.